Assessment and Reporting

In Year 12 there will be a number of occasions during the year on which each student is graded on his or her attainment, effort and homework in every AS subject. A progress report will then be sent to parents on each occasion. The attainment grade will relate to the AS assessment system and will allow an increasingly accurate prediction of the estimated ultimate performance in the modular examinations. This will be based upon class exercises, practical assessments, homework and tests. The prediction assumes that the student will continue to work and progress in the same way for the remainder of the course.

Once progress reports have been issued, the opportunity for a full discussion between student and tutor about progress is sought and targets are set. The parents of students who are failing to reach a satisfactory standard will be contacted. This may also happen at other times during the year if it is felt to be appropriate. In addition to the reporting system, the Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator operates a system of Zoning through which student progress is monitored in relation to statistical expectations of AS performance based on the students past performance at IGCSE level.

Entry into Year 13 to study A2 subjects leading to the full A Level award will depend upon a student’s performance in Year 12 generally and, particularly, upon the grades achieved in the 3 AS Level modules of the subjects he/she wishes to continue to study. Normally you will be expected to achieve at least a pass grade (E) in order to continue at A2 Level. Therefore for a student to automatically carry onto A2 in Year 13 you must attain at least three grade Es or above at AS Level. In Year 13 there will be a similar approach to reporting to that used in Year 12.