Book Club (Keystage1 ) Children will be reading Roald Dahl books, we will act out parts of the story and do fun activities based on each book.
Moky Fit Aerobic fitness to music! Children will get their heart rate up and have fun by dancing to music.
Games from the past Tiddlywinks? Parchis? Pick-up-sticks? If you want to learn these games (and more) that have been played for centuries in Britain, then come along to this club!
Ball Games/Multiskills Children will practise basic agility, balance and coordination skills finishing with a ball game TBC (probably tag/tough rugby or basketball.)
Origami Fold, bend, crease! Origami Fun just might make paper engineers out of hands-on learners. This makerspace series teaches the art of paper folding. Young crafters will work to build and fly airplanes, create festive decorations for the holidays, and even bring extinct dinosaurs back to life!
Yoga A relaxed mixed style children’s yoga class for flexibility, strength, balance and control – mats supplied.- limited to 10 – space.
Peter Pan Dance Children will practise the Peter Pan dances to compliment the drama club’s production of Peter Pan. Children will be involved in the Peter Pan production in April where they will perform for their parents and friends.
Athletics Club Children will practice their running, skipping, agility, sprinting and plyometrics skills.
Move and Shake Children will be engaged in a fun and lively way as they learn easy routines to pop music.
Jewellery club Children will be encouraged to be creative in their ideas for making different pieces of jewellery using different materials, such as beaded bracelets and necklaces.
Lego Club Children will be encouraged to be creative, to design and build a range of different lego shapes while working co-operatively with others.
Wake and shake Children will be engaging in fun energetic dance routines to pop music
Cross Stitch Children will be engaging in a skill which is calming, very focused but fun activity.
French club year 4 Children will learn French basic vocabulary on different topics and practice listening and other skills using fun language websites.
Photography Students will learn how to shoot and edit photographs, culminating with an exhibition.
Games Children will play traditional games and board games
Mindfullness & Yoga Students will get the opportunity to practice meditation, light exercise and express themselves through artistic and written activities around mindfulness.


Ukulele club Students in Primary have the popportunity to learn the Ukulele in this club they need to be prepared to sing too. There are a limited number of instruments so students who are interested should see Mr Dixon. Students who have their own instrument are welcome to join too.
Recorders Students in Primary have the opportunity to learn the recorder in a group. It is a good opportunity for children to learn co-ordination and how to read music.