Key Stage 1

Lego Through hands-on play, children will build and create imaginitve 3-D construcitons.
Yoga/ mindfulness A range of yoga sequences, which will make use of the children’s imagination. This will be combined with a variety of engaging mindfulness activities, which will allow the children to focus feel calm.
Jewellery making Children will be encouraged to be creative in their ideas for making different pieces of jewellery using different materials, such as beaded bracelets and necklaces.
Arts & Crafts Children will be encouraged to use a variety of materials to create different models and pictures. They will be guided to use their imagination and build on their skills in a practical setting.
Ball Games Girls Soccer – Girls will learn different skills in a fun environment. Skills such as; passing, shooting and tackling. Before playing a game of football.
Team Games Children will learn new games and revisit old favourites. They will work together in teams, developing their creativity and interpersonal skills.

Key Stage 2

Origami Fun way for children to develop their fine motor skills. We will create all kind of interesting things out og paper.
Chess To encourage sudents to use mental stratergies to beat an oponent. A fun way to think outside of the box!
Games Children will learn to play by the rules, turn taking, develop strategies to win and socialise while enjoying practical and mental games.
Yoga Balance, flexibility, strength and mindfulness. Need a room with gym mats and projector.
Lego Build, construct and play! Be inspired by working in teams for endless, imaginative play. This club will allow you to join your friends to work together and create new worlds and characters.
Benchball A fun, energetic team game that will help improve throwing, catching and passing skills. We will have lots of fun playing together and competively. It is an action packed, fast paced game that all can enjoy!
Netball A competitive team game that will focus on attacking and defensive drills, ball handling and whole court play. We will focus on improving fitness, agility and hand-eye coordination in order to become more skillful players.
Choir Do you enjoy singing and making music? Come and join the school choir; we will be playing musical games and singing songs, with lots of songs from movies and famous songwriters. There will be a chance for beginners and solo opportunities for more confident students. Get experience performing in front of others in a group, and it will help you in all areas of your life including interviews and making friends.
Recorder group Learn the recorder in a group; no experience needed. You will learn the basics of how to play and then we will start to perform as a recorder band. Experienced recorder players are also welcome and all will have the chance of performing solos and concerts for your parents.
French club It takes place in computer lab. It encourages students to introduce themselves in French and learn basic French through language websites offering a variety of games.
Photography Students will learn, practice and exhibit photography.
Cheerleading A fun and thrilling way for children to improve their co-ordination and timing skills through cheerleading routines, cheers involving acrobatic gymnastics.
Football A fun and thrilling way for children to improve their co-ordination and timing skills through through tactical drills and fun games.
Business A fun and thrilling way for children to learn about budgets and profits. Selecting a product to create and selling it within in school.
Basketball A fun and thrilling way for children to improve their co-ordination and timing skills through tactical drills and games.