German Club Students will learn basic conversational and written German. Resources will be shared on Classroom
5 a side Football on the astro turf – for years 10/11 and 6th form. Students will be put into teams and play an hour long game. Teachers play too!
Poetry club Enjoy exploring ideas and perspectives by reading a variety of poems and considering the impact of poets’ choices of language and structural features. Experiment with language and poetic devices by writing some of your own poems.
Wellness and Nutrition activities Children can learn the fundamentals of overall wellness, social relationship building, safety and nutrition. Positive health habits can evolve from sharing information, practicing skills and observing role models during these activities. activities can be physical activities, passive games, discussions or other formats.
Zumba A dance fitness ECA that will be fun and great exercise! Learn the basics of Latin dance and get fit.
Choir Sing with the TEA choir- learn fun songs, audition for solos, and perform on stage! Join our choir to improve your singing skills and have fun
Environment club The purpose of the Environment Club is to increase awareness of environmental issues, such as protection, conservation and preservation. Students will be actively involved in planting and monitoring a variety of projects. Students who are interested in environmental advocacy and awareness are encouraged to join.
Creative writing The purpose of the club is to give students an opportunity to read a wider range of text. From poetry to literature, students will discuss, analyse, explore and be given the chance to create an original piece of writing
Art and Crafts The initial purpose of this club is to develop and prepare work for the Kuwait Times Art Competition “Kuwait Beautiful and Green” in February, which is open to various age groups , however, this club is for secondary pupils. If you are interested in the Art competition you are encouraged to talk with the art staff. The club will explore and develop work using a variety of techniques and different materials to produce work. if you are interested in art, crafts and design you are encouraged to join in
Trumpets and Trombones Students have an opportunity to learn a brass instrument in this club which takes place on Sunday and Thursday. There are a limited number of Trumpets, Horns and Trombones for students to learn this this club. Students should ask Mr Dixon if they are interested to see if there are instruments available.