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Welcome to the Secondary Department of the website!  

Students enter the Secondary Department in Year 7 and can continue until Year 13; however some students will leave at the end of Year 11 or 12. The Secondary Department aims to resource and deliver a curriculum respected throughout the world. At TEA we teach the National Curriculum of England and Wales, adapted as appropriate to our students’ needs and experience. Year 10 and 11 students study for examinations in the IGCSE and GCSE and on completion many may enter the sixth form to study AS and A2 Levels respectively.

Entering the Secondary phase of education is quite daunting for many students. At TEA we aim to provide a smooth transition from Primary. We consult with our Primary Department colleagues to ensure that our pastoral teams know their students from the outset. We also aim to clearly outline any procedural changes and expectations to all students when they arrive in Secondary. Having one school building also means that our students are familiar with their surroundings so they can navigate their way to their classrooms. In classes we actively encourage students to learn by collaborating with their peers, participating in discussions and developing their higher-order thinking skills.

Mr John Seal

Head of Secondary