Our Mission Statement

The mission of The English Academy is to provide a learning experience that will encourage students to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens with a global perspective.

  • Successful learners: students who enjoy learning. They will develop an understanding of their potential and a desire to achieve it. The curriculum will encourage them to become independent thinkers and decision makers who are creative and critical.
  • Confident individuals: students who are able to live a safe, healthy, fulfilling life and develop high self esteem while respecting others.
  • Responsible citizens: students who make a positive contribution to society. They will be encouraged to have respect and consideration for other people and the environment in which they live.
  • Global perspective: students who value and appreciate their culture, religion and language while taking full advantage of a diverse international education.

Strategic Objectives in Support of Our Mission

  1. Continue with our policy of seeking a modest growth in student numbers.
  2. Ensure where appropriate a maximum class size of 25 students.
  3. Continue to improve the quality and relevance of our academic provision.
  4. Match the curriculum to the requirements of students.
  5. Continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of the pastoral provision.
  6. Continue to develop an after school programme to support learning.
  7. Deliver a high quality student experience in the fields of sport and the arts.
  8. Encourage families as partners in the education of a student
  9. Successfully combine traditional family values with international education.
  10. Raise the cultural knowledge of the staff to meet the students’ needs.
  11. Develop performance indicators relevant to our aims and objectives.
  12. Ensure equality of opportunity for staff and students.
  13. Recruit and retain the highest quality staff available.
  14. Raise the school’s profile in Kuwait and abroad.
  15. Administer our financial and other assets in a sound, business like manner.
  16. Reduce, reuse and recycle waste