These days it is not enough to simply do well academically in order to secure a place at University or a good job. University admissions tutors and workplace recruitment officers now increasingly look for more than the grades. They want to see sixth formers gathering experience in different areas in order to develop a broad range of skills and attributes. Universities are also interested in whether a student has the ability to cope with a broad range of activities alongside their academic work, revealing their organizational skills and personal attributes. With this in mind, every student will take part in the school’s Enrichment programme two to three times a year. This involves two to three sessions in an area students are interested in; the focus will be to develop further their talents and interests and to be able to demonstrate a broad range of interests and achievements in the increasingly competitive market for university places and job opportunities. Not only will students benefit when it comes to writing their personal statements for university, details in this also included in transcripts written by the key Stage 5 coordinator.