Welcome Message

Welcome to your first taste of the Sixth Form.


The years spent in the Sixth Form (Years 12 and/or 13) should be a time when you can concentrate on subjects which you truly enjoy and develop your own ideas and opinions. Since these will be your last years at school, they are vital stepping stones onto higher education and future employment. Surpassing qualifications and personal skills are becoming essential if you want to play a key part in a rapidly changing society and, at the same time, widen the scope of opportunities available to you. It is vital to aim at as high an academic level as possible and to develop the broad range of skills and understanding needed for independent learning and future careers. We believe the learning atmosphere and the personal support we offer to students at The English Academy promote maturity and success. We help our students to make the transition from IGCSE to the Sixth Form by providing a clear academic structure, while encouraging an openness of approach between tutors and students. We try to help our students to become young adults and treat them as such. This is encouraged by offering responsibility and opportunities within a clear structure.

The Sixth Form does, however, impose a clear obligation upon individuals to work hard and effectively. It is very important for students to pursue their studies in a place where work is taken seriously; where they can get good advice and help from tutors who know the individual well; where they can relate to adults in a relaxed way and have easy access to the Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator and the Principal. For our part, we make every effort to help an individual to maximise their potential and hence their opportunities. Sixth formers are also given step by step guidance on how to make a decision about Higher Education and how to apply to university. Personal attention is given to all university applications so that students are given the best chance of getting into the university of their choice.