Primary ECAs


Chess Learn how to play chess.
Lego Club Through hands on play, children will build and create 3D constructions.
Yoga/mindfulness Club Yoga and mindfulness club allows children to relax their minds and complete various calming activities which will help their posture, awareness and flexibility.
Painting Club Develop your painting skills.
Origami Fold, bend, crease! Origami Fun just might make paper engineers out of hands-on learners. This makerspace series teaches the art of paper folding. Young crafters will work to build and fly airplanes, create decorations for the holidays, and even bring extinct dinosaurs back to life!
Cheerleading Learn some cheerleading routines.
Colouring and Craft club Enjoy relaxing craft activities. Take part in some colouring in too.
Hockey Learn how to play Hockey !
Board Games club Pupils will bring in their board games to play with other participants.
Trumpet and Trombone club Students have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument (Trumpet or Trombone) in a group. There are limited places due to the numbers of instruments. There is no charge for the lessons.
Recorder club Students will learn how to read and play music focusing on the recorder. This is a group activity.
French Language Children will learn French basic vocabulary on different topics and practice listening and other skills using fun language websites.
Team Games Students are provided opportunities to work together creatively in a fun and engaging environment.
Art & Crafts Students will learn to think and act as artists, makers and designers, working creatively and intelligently.
TEA Choir Come join the TEA Choir and have fun singing pop songs that you know and love. We will become better singers, learn to work as a team, and even get to perform a few times in the theatre!