School Facilities


All lessons are conducted in well-equipped classrooms, or specialist teaching areas such as IT labs. The majority of our classrooms have digital projectors which can be used by staff to enhance the students’ learning experience. The walls are covered by lots of display boards to present the students’ work. Folders and books are kept on shelves or in drawers inside the classroom.

English classrooms

Science labs

reception classes

arabic and islamic classes for reception

Activity Areas

Our school is fortunate to have a number of large, on-site spaces for sports and other activities.

The Playground

Our playground is used extensively for PE lessons and for play time activities. The all-weather surface is marked with lines for volleyball, basketball, football, and other games.

The Flag Court

This space lies at the heart of our Primary section. The area is open to the fresh air, but has a raised, translucent roof to protect against rain and provide shade. The space is used for PE lessons, group work, art projects, after-school clubs and numerous other activities.


The PE Hall

This large, indoor space is used for PE lessons, after-school clubs and many other activities.

PE Hall with viewing Gallery

The Theatre

Our large theatre is a main place for creativity in T.E.A. The theatre is used during drama lessons for acting and preparing plays and drama sketches. It is also used for practicing and performing the annual school production.

Computer Labs

The school has a number of specialist computer labs. They are used mainly for ICT lessons but are also occupied for research after-school. The computer labs are open to students during first break to print their home works or projects or carry out research for any of their assignments.

6th form ICT lessons

  • 3 labs used mainly for Secondary and Sixth Form lessons, each containing
    • 30 recently purchased PCs
    • LCD monitors
    • Black & white laser printer
    • Colour laser printer
    • Full range of software for student use
    • Specialised teaching software
  • 1 lab for Primary lessons, containing
    • 30  recently purchased PCs
    • LCD monitors
    • Black & white laser printer
    • Full range of software for student use
    • Specialised teaching software

All students have at least one session per week in a computer lab, often much more.

Computer Lab

School Clinic


The school clinic is staffed, full-time, by a fully qualified nurse. Students may visit the nurse with permission from a member of the staff. The clinic offers emergency supplies incase of an accident or injuries.